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    High Performance Target Based
    Forax & Crypto Trading Profits

    At ETorax we manage your risk that drives marketsto forecast potential price movement and seize opportunities in profits.
    We are the most effective way to take advantage of Forex and Crypto opportunities.

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    Superior quality of execution (speed and reliability)
    A wide range of trading instruments

    ETorax stands a brand in sustainable solutions in volatile markets and making periodical progressive profits.
    ETorax provides its customers with the right solution at the right time..

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    Prime focus of the organization is its Investors Benefits.
    Outstanding affiliate program

    With the understanding and commitment to deliver a global multi asset trading solution and integrity and service at the forefront of our business makes us well placed to be one of the premier financial trading companies in the world

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    Exceptional online client support 24/5

    ETorax Support team strives to make your online Forex trading endeavour a truly memorable one.
    Our talented, experienced team will help you to use the forex market to your optimal advantage. So come, join us, join a team, that's among the best in the industry.


ETorax Intl Limited, Estd: 2019

An innovative approach to distributed, Progressive Forex and Crypto trading Profits
Our smart trading at ETORAX makes profit making easier than everbefore with unmatched diversification and dynamic Forex and Crypto trading logics.

ETorax, A Global Emperor of Forex and Crypto Currencies Trading Market

ETorax Intl Limited is the only international operational organization that has well experienced administration experts, fund management team experienced in both Forex and Crypto currencies trading with advanced technologies and strategy management, well experienced, technical and support team, international market promoters.

Company Image
Company Image


  • Min Investment: 500 USD.
  • Max Investment: 2500 USD.
  • Returns per 15 Days: 3.00 %.
  • Returns Per Month: 7.00 %.
  • Referral Commission: 5.00 %.
  • Binary Commission: 3.00 %.
  • Promotion to Next Plan:On Binary of 25K USD.
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  • Min Investment: 2501 USD.
  • Max Investment: 10000 USD.
  • Returns per 15 Days: 3.50 %.
  • Returns Per Month: 8.00 %.
  • Referral Commission: 6.00 %.
  • Binary Commission: 4.00 %.
  • Promotion to Next Plan:On Binary of 50K USD.
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  • Min Investment: 10001 USD.
  • Max Investment: 25000 USD.
  • Returns per 15 Days: 4.00 %.
  • Returns Per Month: 9.00 %.
  • Referral Commission: 7.00 %.
  • Binary Commission: 5.00 %.
  • Promotion to Next Plan:On Binary of 100K USD.
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  • Min Investment: 25001 USD.
  • Max Investment: 50000 USD.
  • Returns per 15 Days: 4.50 %.
  • Returns Per Month: 10.00 %.
  • Referral Commission: 8.00 %.
  • Binary Commission: 6.00 %.
  • Promotion to NextPlan:On Binary of 150K USD.
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  • Min Investment: 50001 USD.
  • Max Investment: 100000 USD.
  • Returns per 15 Days: 5.00 %.
  • Returns Per Month: 11.00 %.
  • Referral Commission: 9.00 %.
  • Binary Commission: 7.00 %.
  • Promotion to NextPlan:On Binary of 250K USD.
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  • Min Investment: 100001 USD.
  • Max Investment: Unlimited USD.
  • Returns per 15 Days: 6.00 %.
  • Returns Per Month: 13.00 %.
  • Referral Commission: 10.00 %.
  • Binary Commission: 8.00 %.
  • Promotion to Hon.Director:On Binary of 500K USD.
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ETorax International Limited, Estd: 2019 With Regd. No: 645002

Through The Registrar of Companies for Scotland


Fortnight / Monthly Returns

All Investors can choose either fortnight payments of returns or Monthly payments. Every deposit has an option to choose

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Referral Pay

Etorax Intl limited has specially designed affiliate program Where you can refer friends to join us and earn commissions.

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Binary Pay

A matching business volume is paid Binary commissions.We have different plans and commissions suitable to all kinds of investors

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All investors have the opportunity to get promoted to next level plans and benefits on achieving a specific volume of binary .

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Performance Report Uploaded

Nov 28 2019

Performance report for Second fortnight of November month has been Uploaded.



Performance Report Uploaded

Nov 15 2019

Performance report for first fortnight of November month has been Uploaded.



We are Now ISO Certified

Nov 13 2019

Etorax Intl Limited has been evaluated and certified to ISO 9000:2015 Quality Management System - Requirements. ISO registration document can be seen in "Legal Documents" section of the website. Users can also verify the validity.


Inauguration of New Trading & Operational Office

Oct 28 2019

Thank you One and All For Making Our Inaugural Ceremony of New Trading & Operational Office A Big Success.All Our Operations Here Inafter will be Conducted at 11,Spectrum House, Powderhall Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4GB.


Required Exchange Partners

Oct 28 2019

Welcome to The Etorax International Limited to All Financial Advisers, Traders, MLM Promoters, International Marketing Groups, Team Leaders from All countries to participate in our Unique Investment Opportunity and affiliate program launching today.


We are open to World wide Investors

Oct 28 2019

Welcome to ETorax Intl Limited, ETorax Intl Limited Started its Operations ad Services of Investment to World Wide Investors Online.Investors and Promoters can Register accounts online and Start our Services.

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